Team Work in Business

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Business teamwork is important because it enables companies to achieve their goals are quickly and efficiently. Companies set goals and these goals cannot be achieved by one person. Members of a business need to work as a team. Put simply, teamwork is the collective performance of different individuals skilled at different activities in order to fulfill a group goal or objective.

It is necessary to work as a team if you want to achieve your goals quicker as a company. If you encounter some kind of problem and all the members contribute to solving the problem, a solution will be found in a shorter time. This is because everyone contributes by contributing ideas and different tasks are assigned to different members. This makes the problem-solving process progress faster. Working as a team encourages more creativity. When members of a company interact together, creative ideas tend to evolve. You are more likely to come up with new ideas as you have discussions with your colleagues. When members work as a team they learn from each other through the process.
As the different team members improve their knowledge, capabilities, and skills, the business will also benefit. Working as a team also encourages good communication. It is because of good communication that ideas are passed around amongst the team members. It also promotes the equal distribution of work. Work is delegated to every member accordingly.

Work is delegated equally so that it is not only a few members who have to do all the work. Working as a team also encourages personal accountability. When work is allocated, each member will have targets set for him or her and that member is responsible for that particular target. Once that member has achieved their specific goal, the company goals are achieved quicker. In other words, if each member plays their part and finishes their personal responsibilities in an efficient manner, all those individual goals combined will benefit the company as a whole. Working together also encourages better conflict resolution. This is because when people work as a team a bond is created. When such a bond exists, it is easier to resolve any conflict that might arise quickly and easily.

Now, my philosophy in team-work is deeply engraved on the value of being family oriented. Great leaders should treat their subordinates as if its own child and daughters. As Sun Tzu has written on his book, The Art of War, “Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.” There is a deep trust between the Leader and the Subordinates and this trust will make the organization realize its true potential.

The joint effort can also be achieved if the business has effective leadership. Effective leadership provides proper direction for individual members. It is the senior management that is responsible for delegating work to employees. They are also responsible for encouraging individual performance. It is important to appoint people that have leadership qualities and who can get people to work towards the same goal.

Therefore, if you own a business or intend on starting a company of your own, ensure that you do everything in your power to encourage business teamwork. Working as a team will benefit the company. It will also create a positive environment for the all employees within the workplace.

“I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.”
Richard Branson

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