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It's always great to have people who genuinely support you but unfortunately there would mostly be a few people who genuinely support us and sometimes it's hard to really notice those people because we are blinded by so many material or specific type of supporters that would give us some kind of assurance or satisfaction.


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Some people come to you in secret talking about how they are feeling your vibes and all you are doing seems pretty awesome, also how they appreciate what you are doing but in reality would never support you openly they don't want anyone to know about their admiration for you. Can you really look at this people and call them your ride or die supporters? Nah, I didn’t think so


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In fact, some of them would even be the first to condemn you in the mist of others. I personally feel we all should be mindful of the people we keep around us. this is very important if your success is a priority to you! Some folks are extremely deceitful and full of lies they just totally agree without having your best interests at heart, as long as it works for them they are good.


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To be totally real with you guys people would always be who they are, I don’t really think we should pay much attention to negative people, we should look out for those who genuinely have our best interest at heart, those who inspire us to grow. Focus on the positive things in your life and your growth and happiness should be your major priority as well and achieving your dreams. When you start succeeding it’s only natural you would have haters and fake people come around you, they may go the extra mile to talk bad about you but it means you’re doing something right.

Your mind is your greatest weapon, keep your head straight and focused on the positive things

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