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Going through life can be very tricky especially if one is not careful well enough not to get knocked down but challenges life throws at us. Some of us are born fighter or built with a really strong defensive system or will power to wave things off, no matter how deeply hurt they may be. While for others the situation may be the exact opposite, meaning they invent problems that may not exist and dwell on them or when they come head on with a challenge, they easily break down.


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I would say we all are capable of playing the situation both ways meaning choosing to play the victim in situations is all on us. If we really look well enough we must have been seeing queues that lead to whatever situation you find yourself in presently but it is how we handle the situation or control the outcome that is very important, if you agree with me then you would also understand that playing the victim doesn’t really change the outcome of the situation, it may make you feel good for a little while but then what is next? How do you handle yourself from that point on? What do I do to get past this? how do I beat this thing? Well what I can say is it all start with how you see yourself in the situation, are you going to be weak and wait for the situation to overwhelm you and pile up more or would you have a positive mindset that, it may be just a little set back but It wouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals or trying hard enough to change the outcome.


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Most people dealing with one thing or another, from the little test survey I took, I discovered that a lot of people like to dwell in one challenge or the other because they enjoy the sympathy they get from people when they tell their story or hoping they get rescued my someone from that situation but this only prolongs the process of getting out of that situation. To be able to completely move passed that situation without it reoccurring or presenting it self again sometime in the future, you have to learn to deal with it now. Dealing with challenges and difficult situations still have the very same principle in fighting or getting passed them. Which includes you changing your mind set, creating a positive aura around yourself to key you into the right energy to handle the situation, then analyzing the situation and looking at the things you can do to improve the looks of things. Slowly one begins to realize solutions to this problem that had got you stuck in a circle for so long.


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So guy it’s time we start living right and pick up responsibility for our lives, do the right thing, think positively and live a happy and wonderful life. Don’t trade your happiness for petty life.

Our minds are powerful tools, let’s use it to find solutions to our problems and start living the right way.



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