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Hey guys I would like to share some personal experience with you. I just recently turned 23 years old. Growing up has been very dramatic for me, especially having to go through my teenage and early adult hood by myself with very few people to communicate my experiences with given my skin color, not everyone would understand me or the things that hunted me.


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Life was very tough at the early stage for my family and i gradually became more exposed to a lot of things. One of my biggest burden was understanding my purpose or picking a career as my interest kept moving constantly from one new exposure to the next. As i grew older, I began to live in this paranoid life with a phobia for failure or not being on the right track or moving in the right direction.


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There is so much I would love to do or try but the fear of wasting my time on things that may not be important to me in ten years was my problem. So most of the time i would find myself sitting at home depressed and not going out because i felt unfulfilled. This was a total waste of time because it’s better to have the experience of trying something new even if it doesn’t work out as planned than to wish you had tried it.


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For some people purpose come to the very easy, they wake up and know that hey I’m going to do this and this with my life because I’m passionate about it while for others it is a finding experience were you just keep trying new thing until you get to that thing that sets a fire in your soul. I’m not an expert at this but one thing I know is your fears only go away when you face them. It’s better to try something even if you fail at it than to not try at all. Every step we take points us in the right direction to there we should go either by eliminating the other options or finding the right choice head on.


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We all know the things we would like to do; it may seem not achievable at the time doesn’t mean it is or shouldn’t discourage you to try. Look at me, I never for a day thought i would find myself writing but hey here i am not doing bad at all. The same thing with other aspects of our lives. Challenge yourself today and do something that would set you on the right path to success.


Thanks for sharing that jan i really got something God bless you man.

Thanks for reading, im blad your picked up something

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