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RE: Have you asked yourself these questions? Part one.

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Sure, like the war on drugs gun laws are the tyrants trying to monopolize power.. Ban guns and only criminals and corporate governments (criminals) will have them. Guns can help balance power even with larger weapons (many smaller weapons to fewer larger weapons). The larger a weapon the more public and decentralized its control needs to be and therefore more smaller weapons will be needed .. Go Ghost Gunner ..

You never need to use a gun to be effective. In contrast I'll do a full 180 here. Using a gun is the worst thing you can do against a powerful adversary. That is attacking where they are strongest. Having a gun and using a gun are two very different things. Even in self defense there is a fine line. It is a line we must learn though if we are to increase our health and freedom.


I will talk about the decentralizing aspect of gun ownership in a future post. If I understand you correctly it is preferable to have a gun and know how to use it but keep it in the holster? I agree with that. Off course there comes a time when self-defense is your best option. Thanks for commenting!

James, PLEASE brother reconsider your delegation to kokesh. The man supposedly has ~14k followers but doesn't even get a comment on his blog.

Example HERE

There are WAYYY better steemians you can delegate your SP to. He's even powering down after @thejohalfiles donated a SHIT TON of Steem to him a few months ago when he got arrested.

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