The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit.

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Hold on steemit.

What was the purpose of the creation of this platform? It was the truth. I have been at this for about 3 years. So I think what I have to say deserves a voice. I think anyone will find what I am about to say most interesting.

I dont think im going to marry anyone in my life, or be with anyone for that matter. In finding God ive chosen not be with anyone until my end. Ive come to the conclusion. (This is a personal topic. Youll find that I havent posted about these type of things in a very long time.) I apologize to those that new me. Im not who I once was. I am refined. I use to post about this stuff all the time and it was wonderful so im doing it now.

Now, I havent been with anyone in 4 years, im 23 years year old. I had girlfriends in my years of adolescence , some today feeling more significant then others. Thats the fire, that scorches the soul, the pain from the memories of a divided heart... It got me reading some gnostic texts, and well this is what I came up with........

Its better not to be with someone then to be.... Its not that its bad to be.. but its better not to be. Does that make sense? When you latch to another you become filled with darkness but when you are destroyed you are filled with light. This means that when you claim your resurrection from descending you will begin to ascend and you will find peace and harmony in things that you once did, in a pure form. You and I have rebelled against what I have come to know as perfection. Their is no wonder anymore it is found and like a sheep that is far from its heard, the shepherd rejoices. When he crys to the others in happiness he rejoices and he yells to the others "look at what I have found! The 1 sheep! It shall restore the 99 I still have!" That is the kingdom of heaven.. To ascend not descend.

Like a dove you will ascend from this place and descend to another. Unlike this place, in the next, you will be aware you are descending. When you where born you did not know the darkness you fell into. Like a bird jumping from its nest, you did not know, you fell, you rose and you are yet to ascend. Amazing , I have done the same. The place we will descend to is not like this place, although it is the same in that it is eternal... It is a resting place...

You wonder about the type of body you will take on in the next life? Why? That is like a teenage girl worrying about what she is going to wear next. It is foolish..

What have I discovered? I discovered that with the circumcision of the heart comes the understanding that the process of procreation is strictly for reproduction and not pleasure. A women is fulfilled in marriage once she bores a child. God would not put 1 and 1 together if there was no conclusion for a third. This is like a man putting a dog and a bitch together and when the owner of the pups had discovered that they did produce more he separated them so they would not kill each other.

Wow. I know right. That was crazyyyyyy...... Ive gone through a good amount of crap in the last few years and I think I know alot more then I use to... Its wild yo ! ! ! !



there is a lot to be discovered we are too early ;)

there is a lot to be discovered we are too early ;)