On Heroes and Hope

in philosophy •  3 years ago 

We all need a hero, there’s been heroes for thousands of years.
In the early days, these heroes were gods, later, titans, then heroes of old, then superheroes. One thing has stayed the same. We always have heroes. The truth is, we need them. We put so much burden on ourselves (work, home, play, chores, body building, looks, money, you name it), and we just feel like failures. I recently watched the Cross Fit Games. The strongest athlete’s in the world, and they said they felt like failures if they didn’t get first place. You see friends, they were trying to be heroes. But we can’t, we will never live up to those expectations.
But what if you could follow a hero? Look up to them, and have them fight for you. I ask you, what would that even look like? He/she would have to have powers. What super powers would you choose? I want a hero with bravery. I want someone who is invincible. The truth is, I want a god.
There are only two options, either you believe in God, and those who don’t. But if you don’t believe, I suggest you try it. There are far worse remedies out there to stake your world on than an impossible hero. Ask Jesus to stand by you in trouble, or ask Him to prove himself to you. Because that’s what I did. Life is filled with coincidences or miracles, take your choice. But the whole world might be a stage for one heroic story – a story of hope.

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