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My girlfriend and I adore the presence of a sun shower. We come together to treasure the in between moments that occur in nature. I let the dogs run free in the yard, to explore the beauty upon us. I begin to observe and feel the changes in atmosphere.

The In between instances, where a transformation of the elements is taking place. It is a time when we can respect and appreciate the true beauty of nature. Sunshine magically slices the gloomy clouds, despite the fact the raindrops are still descending.

Sun showers are a paradox and contradiction that can enlighten our senses to bring loved ones together.

Listen in silence and observe the beauty of nature. It can help to form a calmness within our minds, a path to healthy mentality and outlook on life.


Sunshine magically slices the gloomy clouds


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Really lovely write Jay. It was good to meet you and Sally yesterday. Thanks for your help. I learned heaps. 🕺


Thanks, was great to meet you too :) Glad the chat helped. You will pick it up in no time ;) steem away !!!!