[MUSIC] Advanced "robotics" and some good old electronic music [Diskonekted music blog]

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Hello Steemit!

Let me get this out first, to avoid any confusion... The tittle is slightly deceiving. This post is especially intended for my followers. But anyone else that is reading can and is welcome to join in.

My name is "Green". I'm running a music blog website (picture on right). But I don't want to talk about that tonight. The topic will be a slightly different than usual. In the month that I have started using Steemit I gained a surprising amount of followers. That is really cool! However I'm also struggling to get any response whatsoever.

I think that using a social platform should not be that "complicated". This place has too much focus on the money. But I find Steemit awfully "interesting" nonetheless.

This is a quote, from a comment I made on Steemit recently. And I mean it completely. HF19 was a great improvement, but it essentially didn't change all that much. Now, don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. I did use the word "interesting" after all. To make a long story short, I'm open to debates in the comments...

I "think" I did find ways to be "successful" on this platform and I definitely learned a lot. But do I chase the money, or do I try to do something better with my time. Let's face it. Not everybody is a writer or content maker. So what is my motivation to stay here?

The social media is a reflection of our society.

I have my thoughts about these issues. But I don't want to push my "ideology" on you. I'd like to hear your thoughts in the comments below and get this ball rolling.

To conclude this post "about nothing", I'll say that I can't wait for HF20 and what it might bring. Steemit is currently still in beta but I'm really looking forward to see what direction this ship is going to sail. Here's some music in the meantime...

Diskonekted music tag on Steemit.

For more great free music, check out the blog, subscribe to any of the social channels or follow and resteem here @greengroove. Sharing is caring.

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Always awesome music nonetheless. :-) Thank you.

Interesting post, I'm also curious where the sails gonna go, but for now steem on and we'll see :) aand some chill out music! enjoyed, thanks for sharing #keepsteemin

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