What is life?

in philosophy •  last year


When you break down life to it's most basic and purest form .. you become conscious of reality... the reality that we live in an ocean🌊 of energy ✨where we are nothing more than energy vibrating and attracting other energies with similar frequencies👊🏽💯😈😈#MYD

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Life ... constant tension in some

Although it is very simple


That picture with the kid in the pail is the cutest! :)

Thank you always for coming to us with all that is new and wonderful, good luck brother. Can you view the articles I publish, I hope you like it

Hi there @gcalex, I just received your upvote. Thank you so much sir! Can upvote my other posts too? :)

I felt realiry several time

@gcalex what you just said is the basic truth. Welcome on board sir as i will be open minded as a minnow to keep receiving inspiration quote from your blog

Interesting to think of life in this way.

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Glad the ocean of life did its thing!

Peace @gcalex I appreciate your upvote on my live pubg feed last night. I see you like games too.

Youre right about life. There's a saying, "Everything is Everything." meaning everything is literally made of the same thing, protons, neutrons, electrons, etc. Once you have that understanding life comes into perspective.

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What really matters isnt matter at all