My thoughts on "Stephan Molyneux : Busted"

in #philosophy4 years ago

These are some great pieces by "Thunderf00t" on youtube, He does a wonderful job at pointing out the contradictions and blatant use of the over repetitive tactics that all "cults" use to manipulate the minds of their victims. Stefan is just as dangerous to people's minds/psyches as Alex Jones is. Maybe even more so because Stephans "word salad" appears at times to be a much more subtle attack on people's reasoning skills, whereas AJ is more often so off the wall and bat sh!t crazy that most people see right through his facade and see him for the charlatan that he is. Most people listening to AJ already believe the crazy stuff and use AJ to reconfirm their already held fears/beliefs (just like Trump does with his supporters) Stephan's approach is much more cerebral and is more likely to have intelligent listeners who may fool themselves into thinking he is legit.

One saying I always keep in mind is "A wise man considers himself to be a fool, while the fool considers himself to be wise" So with that any man/system telling you they "have the answer/the way" that ignore their own contradictions and don't allow others to disagree with them without segregating them as an "enemy/evil" are full or partially full of pure BS and hot air, sometimes people like him actually believe their own "word salad" "drink their own kool-aid" "get high off their own supply" but most times they are just sociopaths trying to make money and earn a following to ensure the possibility of money in the future (book sales etc or all the crap AJ has for sale on his site)

These are just my thoughts on the subject, I've tried to give Stephan the benefit of the doubt in the past but he has long since worn out any chance of me taking him serious.


I can't really watch hours of these videos, but the matriarchy stuff he starts out with; there is no precedent for a successful matriarchal culture. He's probably right that they do collapse. The more SJW nonsense people keep trying to force on people, the faster civilization implodes.

Women only want to marry up: someone stronger, smarter, wealthier, more social status. If you think this is not true, you must have never met a woman before. The problem with the left is they live in a delusional world (based on Marxism) and refuse to acknowledge realities like this.

I've enjoyed many of Stephans talks over the years but many have left me in awe at how he glazes over or ignores important factors, I'm not sure what you mean by SJW?

and yes like almost every animal on this planet the female usually picks the "stronger" genes, so many times thing's like compassion etc are seen as secondary traits, they will overlook the fact that their chosen partner may be an asshole to the rest of the world as long as they feel they will be protected and provided for... as the dynamic changes over the generations and more women take responsibilities of their own futures that may change to where they wont shy away from loving "non alpha" males more and more.

I am not a "bread winner" and realised at a young age that most women like me for a good time and love me as a friend but are smart enough to realise that I have no interest in competing with the world to secure a home and a "stable future". Maybe if I had a child in my 20's that would have changed but I didn't. lol I'm open to finding a woman that has secured her own place in this world Ha I have no issues with my partner being the bread winner. I am also fine (or have made my peace) with being alone, although of course I would rather find someone. lol the last thing I'd do is get mad and blame the world or others for who I am and choices I've made.

Cheers, and thanks for your input

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