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The total solar eclipse is occurring tomorrow and totality will be visible to a large portion of the U.S. I had been planning to head down a few hours to Salem to witness it myself before I reflected on what the event entails in our lives. Eclipses have always been ripe for radical change, according to astrology. I had been researching the eclipse and have come to the conclusion that just because something is unusual or interesting doesn't mean you should get involved.

Many ancient sages, yogi practitioners, and indigenous cultures have similar views on eclipses and how to prepare for them.

Navajo Nation

The traditional tribal members of the Navajo Nation in Arizona won't look up tomorrow even though they are in the path of totality. The Navajo word for eclipse is “eating the sun.” In the Navajo tradition it is believed that the "sun dies" during a solar eclipse and that it is an intimate event between the Earth, Sun and Moon. People are told to stay inside and keep still during the dark period. There’s no eating, drinking, sleeping, weaving or any other activity. During an eclipse, "every man, woman and child—they have to show reverence, and they don’t eat, they don’t drink water, they just go into the house until it passes," Begay said. “And then they show respect for the moon and the sun.”

Yogic Warning

Yogi practitioner Swami Nirmalananda of Svaroopa Vidya Ashram, suggests we might want to think again about eating, drinking, sleeping, working, or even going outside during the eclipse. According to the yogi, this is a time to do consciousness practices, especially mantra, chanting and meditation. "Just as if a police helicopter were circling your neighborhood, it’s time to protect yourself." The ancient sages warned that the sun emits abnormal radiations during an eclipse. Even if you look at it metaphorically, if you are in the path of the eclipse, you are plunged into darkness during the usual time of light. Darkness propagates fear and unconsciousness, the loss of Self and being entwined in Maayaa. While an eclipse doesn’t last long, the imprint that it makes in your mind lingers, leading to harmful or painful results later. Dictionary.com defines "eclipse" as “a reduction or loss of splendor, status, reputation.” The etymology for the word eclipse comes from Latin eclipsis meaning "an eclipse; an abandonment," literally "a failing, forsaking".

By The Numbers

We know historically that eclipses bring drastic changes around the world. The last time an eclipse’s “path of totality” could be viewed only in the U.S. was 1776. Although total solar eclipses are not unusual and occur every year and a half or so, this is the first time since 1918 the shadow will stretch across the entire country. Oregon was the 33rd state to join the union back in 1859 and will be the first state to view the eclipse in totality. The eclipse will end in South Carolina which is on the 33rd parallel. Many believe the 32nd and 33rd degree of freemasonry comes from the sun's diameter which is thought to be around 33 miles in diameter. After all, we are all taught we live in a solar system which is based off of sun worship. The path of totality will also be viewable in 7 different Salem's across the country. This eclipse has clearly been predicted and well understood by the elite that built this nation.

My View

All these ancient practices recommend avoiding being eclipsed. This really resonates with me because I was very skeptical about how much publicity the event is getting and how it is being pushed onto the masses. Almost all news media outlets are instructing people on how to safely view the eclipse and where to view it. I feel that the event is far more impactful on the spiritual side than the actual physical viewing of the eclipse. I will personally be focusing on meditation and fasting for the next few days to gain insight on the new energies that the event will bring.

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Interesting stuff.
What I know is that we are in the 6th seal of the Book of Revelations which the Elites have been using as a masterplan. It mentions the Sun turning black and cataclysmic events following.
Regarding the number 33 in Freemasonry I believe it stands for several things: the 33 vertebras the Kundalini needs to go through to reach enlightenment, the 33 miles diameter of the Sun and the 33% of the (Fallen) Angels cast to Earth for their disobedience to God.

Theirs multiple ways we can interpret 33 in our reality. All I know is the empire was set to self destruct and these upcoming events definitely play a role in their end game.

I know why you don't want to view it. Its because it proves the earth is a sphere, and better to block out the truth eh? lolz

So according to your logic if your assuming the moon is a sphere then so is the earth? How do the celestial bodies prove the shape of the earth. That's like saying a pool table is spherical because the balls on it are.

No, it proves it is a sphere because if proves the moon is in orbit around us. Well, one of the many proofs. Anyway, the moon is in orbit because of gravity. So the earth has a great bit of gravity. And something the size of the moon has to be a sphere because a sphere is the most compact geometric shape. The force of gravity predicts this and is shown to hold true of all bodies over a certain mass. Gravity crushes the object into a compact sphere. So the moon is smaller than the earth, therefore the earth must also be a sphere for the same reason...only more so.