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So, you're an anarchist?

in philosophy •  2 years ago 

Well, that explains a lot. LOL

You were robbed, and now you want to rob others. Brilliant!

Where is anarchy, humans interacting with no need of outside rulership, in the world?

It is everywhere! Go to a crowded place, sit down, and watch. That's not too much to ask, right?

Now what do you see? You will see a VAST majority of people being peaceful and interacting voluntarily. They are not doing it because of laws either. They are doing it because that's the norm. That's anarchism.

Most people do not steal other children's lunch money. The children that do steal grow up to steal. They tend to like positions that give them lots of power, control, and the protection of double standards too.

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No you're confused. I'm not a communist. I don't want to rob anyone. But if you're talking about Taxation that's simply payment of a debt for maintaining jurisdiction over us both. Voluntarily by way of representation in congress.


That's funny. If you're taking something from me by force, it is theft. Call it "payment of a debt" if you wish, but it is theft.


It wasn't yours to begin with.