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So, you're an anarchist?

in philosophy •  2 years ago 

Oh, ffs. You want to have sex with a woman. Is forcing her to have sex with you moral?

You want your neighbor's land. Is killing him to get it moral?

Your friend has lunch money, and yours was stolen by a bully you were too cowardly to punch in the face. Is it moral for you to steal from your friend?

What is moral? That's the problem with people like you. Apparently, you're a sociopath, and you have no idea what's moral without laws and governments to contain your impulses?

Where does it come from? It comes from common sense. Don't force your will on others. That's not a complicated thing to understand unless you are a sociopath.

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None of those crimes are "crimes" without the law saying so. You may "feel" they are wrong but if the perpetrator has an army you're powerless against him without forming one of your own.

Bwah?! You need someone else to write down, "forcing a sex act upon another is wrong" for it to be wrong?

That's good to know.

What I said was it's not punishable without a law or at least without an army.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You're commenting on a thread in Philosophy... check your emotions at the door.

Perhaps you missed it, but this is a thread about individual liberty. I'll never give up my passion for it. Perhaps, instead, you should give up your fear.

Says philosophy right under your name. And the Authors post is about Anarchy. Anarchy does not foster liberty it breeds what would be criminal behavior if there be a law.