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Does the idea that we humans have invented computers resonate and use an invention and use is only possible because this computer knowledge has already been "implanted" in us through higher machinery, so to speak?

Hm... it has a kind of God connection for me. The belief in higher powers (whether they are called Odin, Zeus, Shiva or Deep Thought ;-)), I mean to discover in your answer. Computer almightiness is just another form of advanced entity, if I understand you correctly. You do not exclude the possibility that human imagination, which can develop machine fantasies, did not draw them from within itself, but could be dependent on another form of Schöpfungsgestalt?

Since I cannot answer this with yes or no, I leave it to the imagination and think that it makes you an artist, who does not give the many apparatuses and mechanisms to the beautiful female bodies as an addition for nothing.

But I would blame the human spirit of invention and the insanely long evolutionary pace for the fact that from the flint to the rocket ignition it is actually the human being who came up with all this. Savouring the last ounce of uncertainty, because in trying to find out what is mysterious is the salt in the soup that keeps an idle leisure thinker and philosopher like me (and you) on the go.

Finally, as these (dreaming) machines get smart to a point far beyond our imagination, they get bored with watching that simulation for thousands of years and want a better "user experience". What if they create a real universe around them... hm... ok.. its already there right, because they are too. Anyways.. they find a way to create organic life, because they want to really live it, not just simulate it. Now the conscious is uploaded to an organic (human) mind, to actually really "live the movie", not just simulate it... Mrgh... getting a knot in my head. Plus I'm not sure, if this is now the simulation for some software running somewhere or if its what we all are (mis)lead to believe?

Very amusing, that reminds me of the Buddhists, who don't shy away from bringing a lot of deities into play, if you look at the work of art of the wheel of life and above all their stories around these deities!

The longing to finally be an organic body again, to equate it with the longing to finally be no organic body! But an ethereal, immortal. Laughter!

I see that we understand each other, because at some point in the universe even the immortals crave some flesh again.

Did I tell you about Lestat the vampire? Who, according to the story of Anne Rice, falls for a body thief and lets him steal his vampire super body (through a kind of mental telepathy act). And when the vampire, finally stuck in a human man, has to deal with all the evils of this body full of grief and horror: Peeing, hunger, cold, sweating and the sexual drive that our now snobbish vampire carries out with great disgust:)

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