Women are not equal to men

in philosophy •  5 months ago 

I title this post "Women are not equal to men" because the concept of equality is both terrible and horrendous. I am better than many women and many men. On the other hand, there are lots of women and men who are better than me. Here are two videos - one on hypergamy and one on the bias the current education system has against males.

I think that the majority of women are hypergamous ... wanting to marry up. This means they are attracted to someone of equal or superior social/economic/status level. The second video describes how males are being made less valuable in our society. If men are not encouraged or given the skills to excel ... how can they or why should they? Is the process of striving to create equality not elevating women to their deserved level but a function of suppressing men? Men typically practice hypogamy (marrying down). When you reach the top of a mountain hypogamy is like reaching down and pulling up your partner. A person who practices hypergamy reaches up and pulls upon someone else to rise up. What happens to a woman who has reached the top ... if they continue to be hypergamous it is lonely at the top.

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good point.