How are you?

in philosophy •  3 months ago

Today as I was grocery shopping, the cashier asked the question - "How are you?". This question has tumbled in my mind for a few weeks now as I have answered - "I am well". This is in contrast to the answer most would reply with "I am good". We then had a short discussion on the fact that a person might be well but not good and good but not well.

In my mind an image of Gandhi flitted by. He was considered a "good" man by many and a very religious man. He led an austere life - walking miles and miles in sandals and his bare feet. He walked so many miles the soles of his feet thickened and became quite thick. Additionally he was noted for going on prolonged hunger strikes which weakened his body and the poor diet caused infection to set into his gums causing him to lose his teeth. All and all he was a super calloused fragile mystic with a bad case of halitosis.

As I left the cashier, I turned the question around on her and asked how she was. Her reply?


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How are you David??? :D


Hi @lucygarrod
The long answer is that last September I went into hospital because of pneumonia. You tend to notice things are wrong when your fingernails are blue without nail polish. Both of my parents (whom I am their primary caretaker now) ended up going into the hospital as well. A consequence of their heightened care requirements I haven't been as active on steem. We have housekeepers who come in a couple times per week so I can escape to the office infrequently.

The short answer is all is copacetic here.

It is good to see that you popped back on the site ... you realize it has been 7 months since you posted last!!!


Oh no! I am sorry to hear that you were unwell. It must be tough for your parents as well. I think cold weather is not easy for our bodies as we get older. How are your parents doing now?

I have been away for some time. I stumbled across one really dodgy Crypto project last year. I ended up wasting a fair bit of time there and couldn't attend to Steem. After that experience I felt a bit sick (emotionally) and just focused on my work but I am recovering now and at least starting to comment again :D


As my parents are 94 and 89 they tend to be a lot slower than they used to. I have been devoting my time to increase and improve their life patterns. I have gathered a number links to interesting videos and posted them to steem with "Longevity Project" in the headings.

I am sorry that you stumbled across that project last year. Failure can happen in three ways: others "rob" you; others fail you; you fail yourself. In the first way there probably is a karmic reminder not to waste other people's time for the perpetrator. If it is because of the latter two perhaps it is like riding a bicycle. When I first learned how to ride a bike, my brother set me on one and pushed me along the lane.

As you can see to the left of the garage the driveway curves to the left. At the time there was a raspberry patch there. He would point me directly toward the patch and I ended up there more than once. However I did learn how to navigate properly. I am unconvinced that cryptocurrencies will be an easy lesson for very many. Perhaps the lessons that you learn along the way are the most important.

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