Finding Different Ways To Boost Self-Sufficiency

There are a number of ways that you can go about increasing your own self-sufficiency if that is what you are interested in. Whether it is growing your own food, or fixing your own car, or doing your own repairs around the house, there are countless ways that you can bring value to your life by learning how to do things for yourself.

When we seek to be more self-sufficient in our lives, then it means that we seek to try and do what we can in order to meet our own needs rather than waiting on others to do it for us. Learning to be more self-sufficient can increase our happiness in our lives, along with independence, financial freedom, security, and more.

Not everyone has the same amount of space or money of course, so the way that people go about being more self-sufficient in their lives is going to be unique in speaking to their own needs. The business man who loves his job and works 40+ hours a week probably isn't going to be able to partake the same amount of self-sufficient farming adventures that others might and so he might have to go about trying to be self-sufficient in a different way. So whether it's changing a light bulb, harvesting veggies, plunging your own toilet, or cleaning our own floors when we spill something, there are a variety of ways that we can boost the self-sufficiency in our own lives. And the more things that we know how to do, the more chance we will have to try and offer value to the lives of others by providing help to them.


Learning to be self-sufficient is going to enable us to grow more, learn more, and essentially become more independent in our lives. When we take the time to do things for ourselves rather than leaving the task for others to do, it enables us to gain a sense of independence. There might not always be someone around who can help us with the things that we need to get done, and the more that we can do for ourselves, the better off we are going to be in the long-run. Whether it's learning how to clean water or start a fire should the need ever present itself, knowing these skills will provide a great value to not only our self but to others around us as well.

Financial Freedom

One of the biggest reasons that many people seek to be more self-sufficient in their lives is because they want more financial freedom. Taking the time to do more things for yourself, that can save you money from having to pay others to do it for you, is going to help lower your financial burden. Why pay for someone to fix the flat tire when you can just fix it yourself?

However, there are some things that we just don't want to do or just don't think we have time for, and there will always be things that many of us will seek to have others do for us. I myself don't know how to sew for example and should I ever need any clothes repaired, I am going to need to look for someone in the market who is willing to provide me that service and I'll need to provide them something they value in exchange (btc?).

Whether it's producing energy, cleaning water, growing food, fixing tires of clothes, there are so many different ways that a person can learn to start developing self-sufficiency in their life. It is great that the market is there with options for the things that we cannot or do not want to do for our selves, but the more that we can actually do on our own the more likely that we wont' fall apart if we ever can't find someone to do some task for us. In that way, self-sufficiency can also provide us with security along with a greater sense of independence, among other benefits. And it is something that we can always look to boost in our lives in a simple way.


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A Barter Club Would De Cool
They Were Popular Many Years Ago
Trade Something For A Service
Or A Service For A Service
Item for Item.

yes is great until there isn't something of value that you both have to exchange , or you don't know how to price it, which is how a medium of exchange first came about in the market place :) whether it's paper money like we have today (corrupt fraudulent central bank backed scheme) or cinnamon, precious metals, or even ramen noodles.. a number of things can be used as currency/medium of exchange to facilitate the bartering system and make that market more efficient for the people :) with the economic troubles in greece recently people were prevented from taking money out of their bank accounts and they too resorted back to an old bartering system and they also quickly created their own currency! lol : )

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Ramon Noodles

I've heard it's used commonly as currency in prison.

I Read that On the News In August

Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency. Man is a social being.

That may be true. But in my opinion, there are some things that we should be responsible for ourselves.
I admit that I'm a little crazy. But I will not wholly rely on my fellow man to provide me with clean water or food. And I will not, even in part, rely on my fellow man to deal with my bodily waste. Which is in fact not waste, but rather nutrient rich material that I feel is my responsibility to return to the soil from whence it came.
But that's just me.

Great topic. There are so many simple and potentially important ways people can become more self sufficient and at the same time prepare for emergencies.
About ten years ago, I purchased a Black Berkey water filter and have been using it to filter rain water that I collect ever since. And by that I mean that I've never changed the filters. By using only rainwater the filters seem to last indefinitely. But the thing is, I no longer have to rely on the city to provide water for me and my family. It may not rain as much elsewhere as it does here in FL, but people really only need a couple of gallons a day for drinking.
A few rain barrels and a good filter. An affordable and important step toward self sufficiency. .