Why condemning others is impossible and ultimately not worth your time.

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What is the difference between judgement and condemnment?

Judgement is observation with a bias - it is observation that is perspective based.

Perception is different than perspective.

Perception is perceiving what is as it is - in other words; wrong perception is impossible.

However ; misperception , or UNperception is possible.

UNperception is viewing what is through the 'mind' of the Ego - it is the false perspective of the ego.

In other words - it is not seeing what is there - it is seeing what is there through the perspective of the ego.

In other words - without the ego, judgement with a bias is impossible - because, without the ego, there is no judgement ; for their is no scrutiny.

There is no scrutiny because there is no doubt.

Without the ego - all that is left is full acceptance.

Full acceptance of the full range of existence in all its forms - full acceptance of everything that is through full acceptance of that which is - existence energy ; Love energy.

Full acceptance of that which is leaves no room for doubt - only knowing and wisdom.

Full acceptance leaves no room for judgement.

What is condemnation?

Attempted condemnation is judgement with a false bias - that is acted up-on as if it is actual fact.

Thus, the predator will try to condemn another being through propegating up-on that being the bias of the judgement.

Therefore attempting to strip the being of his/her power through creating FEAR in the being.

why this is impossible.

It is impossible for any being to condemn another being, because no one has experienced what that being has experienced except for that being.

And so, only the part of that being that is descended directly from the God-source - the divine spark of intelligence that is truly them, can judge them.

That part of any being is indeed their true self - their higher slf - the part of them that is the source.

The part of any being that is the source, is ultimate truth.

The flame of existence is, ultimately, the most high truth.

It is that which is, and is thereby what is true; existence is thereby the one truth; it is oneness.

This flame that is the true self of any individual - this high conscious root self - is non-judgemental as it is vibrating as unconditional love.

Thereby, it is impossible for this flame of unconditional love - source energy - to condemn.

It is Love - thereby it can only be love; it can only love.

it can only create.

it can only sew benevelonce; mathematically.

It is impossible for the true self to condemn - thereby, condemnation of another being is impossible as ones true self.

Since only the true self is recommended; as it is the only reality - judging and condemning others should not be worth your time.

To the Neophyte, to the Good sumeritan, to the conscious self - it is not.


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Thank you for the better perspective!

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