Talk to yourself nicely

in philosophy •  2 years ago

Written by Colin-Porter Self Image Strategist
Co-Writen by Mario Leone Screenwriter

The Importance of Self-Talk as a human being is that you are constantly talking to yourself. Self-talk is an internal dialogue that can affect your confidence and self-esteem. We must be consciously aware of the way we speak to ourselves in the privacy of our own minds. Here are common phrases that we can employ to combat the negative using NLP. Each phrase contains a remedy that is opposite.
1. I’m not worth it. This is a direct assault on your self-esteem and it is simply not true! Telling yourself you are not “worth it” only perpetuates negative beliefs you may have picked up early in life. Opposite:We are all unique and valuable in our own right
2. Why bother? Telling yourself there is no use, steals your personal power and leaves you with no motivation. Opposite phrase: I am able to create my own meaning to any situation, on a daily basis
3. I can’t do it. Again, very disempowering. There are times when something is virtually impossible, however, most of the time this phrase is delivered more as an attack on ourselves rather than a statement of fact. I am capable of learning and am always growing. I am a process.
4. I am not a finisher, I always quit. This is the equivalent of putting the brakes on instead on the accelerator . It is a set up for failure . We all know that success is hardly ever instant it comes one day at a time. Telling yourself you will fail before you get started is shooting yourself in the foot. Opposite: I always do my best to complete any task, and my competence is growing.
5. nobody likes me. This Is a surefire set up for loneliness. When entering new situations, this type of self talk will show itself in the way you move,possibly making you seem unapproachable . By telling yourself that you are deserving of quality friendships your body language will automatically reflect “I am approachable” Opposite : I am deserving of quality friendships
6. everyone is better than me.
We all tend to compare ourselves to others. Sometimes we exercise prejudice against ourselves, though. Telling yourself that others are better than you is an assault on your self-worth. Opposite: I am a process in action. I define me and I define myself. I know that we are all created equal.
7. I am not enough. A huge one for people who feel inadequate to meet the demands of life. A sense of personal inadequacy is very discouraging – don’t reinforce it! opposite: I am resourceful to get enough.
8. I must be perfect. The way to guarantee failure is to criticize yourself whenever you are imperfect, which is all the time. We are perfectly imperfect! opposite: I am always in process and in development. I am never fixed. I am an ongoing project.
9. My opinion doesn’t matter. More low self-esteem in this statement. To say this one to yourself, you must consider yourself unworthy. Opposite: My opinion matters to me. I value my own opinion for many reasons. Find many reasons...
10. I’ll never be any good. We say this as if we are written failure into stone. It’s a hopeless thought. Just say no to this one. I work each day to achieve competency.
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