the load of pursuing dreams is it worth it ?

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In life we slowly progress forward,fulfilling our purpose .... what purpose ? Well, that purpose is not etched in stone.

Some of you will try to chase money,fame,social hierarchy's,mastery of sports or arts. Some of you will chase lust. but we all have one thing in common. We dream.

We all dream of being rich and famous ,in our imagination we are on top of the world. In your mind, you have everything, you can do no wrong. So why not make a dream... in to a reality "As you dream, the world trembles,that it might come true." What ever your dream is,to another man or women that dream has no value or worth .

 But it means something to you, and to be able to reach this dream in a finite amount of time you will have to sacrifice allot in the pursuit of it . The question still stands... is the load worth it ?

           To stand on top of the world what are you willing to sacrifice in the process to achieve dreams ?

Are you willing to play basketball 8hours a day live in a gym, in the best years of your life just to get a chance at being a professional player?

Are you willing to Draw... or make Art, while living from one sold painting to the next, being at a constant doorstep of becoming homeless ?

Are you willing to not find your better half,put your head down and grind for a little bit of success?

Are you willing to trade all of your time just to make your dream shine ?

Is the load of seeking greatness worth it,even if the end goal is not promised?

are you willing to risk everything to gain something?

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Well done!

thanks for the resteem