We Are Energy

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Last night during my philosophy show, I was talking with @meno and part of the discussion ended up with me explaining how I view existence and that we are all energy. This is something that I've written about and refer to quite often, but I'm not sure if I've ever actually explained what I mean by this or how I mechanically view existence. I thought it would be fun to make a post trying to put into words exactly how I view existence and why I feel this way today. Let's jump into some metaphysics.

Everything is energy in some form or another. Consciousness and self are simply parts of the entire energetic makeup of all that exists. From this perspective comes the concept of 'oneness' or 'we are all one,' which isn't just about human beings or consciousness, but everything that is. At this point, if you're still reading and haven't checked out, I'll do my best to explain and substantiate my beliefs and perspective of existence.


In trying to explain the nature of light, many scientist, including Einstein, collectively formed what is referred to as the concept of wave-particle duality. This ties in with earlier studies of Thomas Young and the double-slit experiment. Essentially Thomas Young discovered that the very nature of observing light changes it. If we can understand these two things and the correlation they have with one another, we can see that energy can be both a wave and a particle and simply by observing it, we alter it in some way.

I think of it like this, the closer we view something or focus on it, the less we can focus on everything else that is going on. If we focus on another person, we formulate assumptions and expectations that dictate what we see and how we perceive them. If we zoom out and watch a group of people, our thoughts, assumptions, and expectations are much more generalized, but they are still forming our perspective and perception of what is. This isn't limited to humans or living things, the same principal can apply with looking at different blades of grass or grains of wood. We take in as much as we project and collectively these projections and observations create the reality that we see, feel, and experience.


We can also tie in the Theory of Relativity here. Essentially if space and time exist, they are correlated and do not exist without the other. Just like we do not exist without either of these things as we do not exist in a vacuum. We are always interacting in some way with everything else that exists that we are aware of, even if it's simply by the nature of observation. As discussed previously, simply observing is enough to alter how something exists. Essentially, I wouldn't be the way I am if you weren't exactly how you are and the rest of existence wasn't exactly how it is. In this way we can view each other as 'particles' and existence as the wave. The wave doesn't exist without the particles and the particles don't exist without the wave.

If we can agree on these points, then it leads to the concept of energetic existence and then that is where most of my discussions on things like consciousness, death, fear, and love come from. Energy never ceases to exist, it just changes states, so non-existence, or death, cannot be an experience. Fear and love are essentially opposite energetic charges and how we balance them changes our frequency and alters our reality. Reality is subjective and even if we as particles or individual things can coexist and interact with each other, we can be in different realities, as some can live in a reality based on fear and scarcity or others can live in a reality on the other end of the spectrum.

Collectively we form a wave that is always shifting and changing, but we are all still individual particles that are made up of smaller particles and so on. Some energy exists in a kinetic state and other energy exists in a potential state. Together all of the energy makes up all that is and we can call it the universe or god or even God in the grandiose sense if we want to personify it, but it all just is what it is. I don't fancy myself a scientist and this is definitely outside of my usual types of posts, but perhaps it will help to understand my perspective. Feel free to share your thoughts on existence below. Namaste.

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I liked the article. It is reminder to me we are energy. Also a reminder that we are all made from dust and from dust we will return.


Thanks for checking out the post, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

First, thanks for this wonderful post and also for your conversation with Meno; I enjoyed that immensely :-)

And listening to you two, I was so struck by the similarities between us, our world-views and questions we struggle with. Now you write this post and reading it I get that same feeling, but multiplied by... well... a lot ;-)

Consciousness and self are simply parts of the entire energetic makeup of all that exists.

In trying to explain the nature of light, many scientist, including Einstein, collectively formed what is referred to as the concept of wave-particle duality.

This is exactly what I wrote about the evening before you and Meno had that great conversation!! And the night thereafter I wrote about Meno's friend's world-view (the "normie"), and how it clashes with the reality of society like we tend to see it. Loved how you both emphasized the ultimate unimportance of money :-) <3 My latest two posts are exactly what you were talking about which is, I must admit, one of the reasons I was truly glued to that show and was actually sad that it had to end ;-) I was really bursting with joy and a strange sense of pride even to see so much synchronicity between us.

Thanks @clayboyn (and @meno) for such enlightening entertainment!


I'm glad you enjoyed it! You should totally come on the show some time.

Charity begins at home, the oneness, and the wholesomeness of humanity starts from the love and unity that exist among the simplest unit of the society which is the family. We co-exist and live in a world where everyone and everything we do is linked and it is simultaneously a cause and effect formula in the chains of events that unfolds every day of our life. We cannot afford to stay isolated for whatsoever the reason. Iron sharpen iron, the contenance of a friend sharpens another

Bastante interesante tu post amigo saludos

Energy is all that exists

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An interesting hypnotic/trance technique is to manipulate your own energy by holding a piece of it in your hands and giving it more or less of a proactive spin. Which all boils down to the subconscious mind and how it maps your reality. Great post!


Interesting, I may have to try that when meditating.

This is the idea behind Spinoza’s saying that Everything is God... the Creative Force of the Universe (Energy) is Everything ... all that exists

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That makes sense to me. :)

I drink coffee, and then I exist. Lol but in all seriousness my thoughts on existence aren't fully formed I guess. I've been getting into the topic of simulation theory and often times feel like existence is something I cannot put into words so easily. You've done it pretty well in this post but when I try, my words escape me. Kind of like existence transcends words or thoughts I could share here. I'll attempt to explain what goes on in my head. I see existence as an infinite, multi-plane, multidimensional, concept. I see words, thoughts, images and such as the map, but the map is not the territory. I hope this makes sense, I could be overthinking it.

Hi clayboyn, I really enjoyed reading about consciousness and energy. My beliefs are similar - everything is energy, every leaf, tree, plant, animal, human being, etc. We all vibrate at different frequencies in this world that is part of the universes. I so agree with the concept that we are one and all connected.


Nice, thanks for checking out the post.

This deserves a much more in-depth response than I can presently offer. I may just have to pen a full post to properly reply.

Suffice it to say — the nature of our existence can scarcely be defined in words, yet you’ve made a mighty fine attempt. ⭐️

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Agreed, I think that's why I rarely try to actually put it into words and rather just discuss my perspective from within the experience. It was a fun little though experiment to see if I could convey how I view the world and understand it.

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Great post. Nice clear and concise.

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All is endless flow