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In this excellent speech, Peter Thiel ( co-founder of PayPal) discusses what multiculturalism and diversity on college campuses are really about:

In short, Peter Thiel says that:

  1. Multiculturalism has next to nothing to do with the study of other cultures;
  2. Diversity has nothing to do with a diversity of ideas;
  3. You don't have real diversity on a college campus when you have college people who look different, but think alike;
  4. Multiculturalism is still focused on western society, but is mainly a vehicle of denouncing it;
  5. The debate of multiculturalism in the late '80s started with an anti-western protest;
  6. They believe that the west is bad, because it's racist and it's sexist in a variety of ways;
  7. Multiculturalism has nothing do with biology, it has to do with ideology. It's a far-left ideology;
  8. Multiculturalism and political correctness must be seen as different sides of the same coin. In multiculturalism, people look for the victims. In political correctness, people are going after the victimizers;
  9. The debate of how we look at racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression is something that only could take place in the context of western civilization or when individual rights became possible;
  10. Most college students are not bigots and racism on college campuses is basically a non-issue.

An example of the stifling of intellectual inquiry in name of multiculturalism and diversity.


I find it interesting that Thiel could already see in 1996, let's call it the pre-Social Justice Warrior times, that intellectual life is stifled in name of diversity and multiculturalism. Its consequence is the decline of higher education due to dumbed down admission standards, campus witch hunts, and anti-Western zealotry that is often masqueraded as scholarly inquiry.

Like Thiel, I do see a connection between political correctness, gender wars, culture wars, and that multiculturalism on University campuses has nothing to do with learning more. It's rather about the creation of safe spaces where no one will be hurt by offensive ideas and learning less.

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Multiculturalism is ideological chlamydia. It degraded everything that was good in European culture, and paved the way to nothing but a deracinated homosexual disco built on 24/7 consumption, permanently subservient to a cohesive core of (((globalist))) oligarchs.

Peter Thiel is a real smart guy. Always with his feet on the ground away from any prejudice


Yes, he is :)

Quite a lot of clever thoughts can be heard in his words.


Haha, Peter Thiel... he's clever. ;)

Good stuff. The point by point summary is much appreciated.


Thank you for your comment. :)

Cool post! Very informative!


Thank you, Mr. RB24.

Yeah its pretty sad


I haven't seen this before... Thank you for sharing, @krnel! This is sad, indeed.

Great article - thank you for sharing!


Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it :)

In regards to colleges, I don't understand the diversity quotas for enrollment. It seems a little hypocritical in regards to creating a fair and unbiased culture when minirity groups are given what arguably is preferential treatment. Nothing against diversity, but how are quotas justified?


I don't think you can justify quotas. It's unfair as it always disadvantages some people with similar skills who are from different minority groups.