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Response: Chomsky on Lenin

in philosophy •  last year 

There are two things that are actually useful that come from Chomsky.

  1. His analysis of the american propaganda system

  2. His theories in linguistics

The way I see him, especially recently, is that he's a liberal masquerading around as some sort of radical. If you watch his latest documentary, it's full of liberal talking points. He has an entire bit about the,"Middle class".

Although, I would recommend to every left wing person to read,"Manufacturing of consent", especially if you live in the united states.

In my view, Chomsky is a victim of the propaganda system that he himself has worked long and hard to expose. He likes to talk about socialism, but any real world socialism he seems to reject outright by not being pure enough or something.

Idk, I have a lot of mixed feelings about the guy.

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