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On the concept of Marxism

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Excellent post comrade.

Random inquiry, have you looked into the dialetics of Bookchin?

It's where I learned about dialetics from.

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I have not, I have been more swayed into Hegel's and Marx's Dialectics (while having slight impressed feelings from Jacques Lacan's usage of Dialectics) than reading into Dialectical Naturalism. Albeit, in my early days I have heard people on IPhilosophy (don't ask, it's practically dead and buried) say that it refuses an "End of History" part of Hegel's Dialectics. Regardless, I heard from them that it was more of a reaction to Orthodox (at which point the name gives me a headache for different reasons) Marxism and something that seemed to him antinaturalistic of Hegel. Albeit, I would think, except for Absolute Idealism, that Hegel's philosophy is absolutely neutral/indifferent to nature.