Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio - Episode 57- The Beginning of the End & the End of the Beginning

in philosophy •  last year

Examining the bugs in modern ideologies, indoctrinations and social engineering of archetypes, modern heresy and monoculture. Carlita and Niall Murphy traverse a broad range of interconnected topics such as fear of expressing opinions and times where it is heresy to have any opposing opinion to the majority or consensually dictated. We explore the pitfalls of human nature, narratives, self deception, identity and consciousness. And the weather of course because we are British....

We examine misconceptions in the alternative media opposing cryptocurrencies, the true advantages of cryptocurrencies for those on the fringes of society, vs electronic money, central banking systems. We also discuss bioterrorism, geoengineering, carbon emissions and the global warming debate, peak oil consumption, technology, transhumanism, ecological solutions to our destructive way of living. How to survive psychologically the global collapse of all systems in times where people are condemned for having opinions especially on taboo or controversial topics. As above, so below, inside out and outside In, nothing is as it seems.



Author of
The Silent Ecocide,
a crisis of human consciousness

Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio

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