AMEN.! (Not that i believe in all that amen stuff anyway) but you get my point.
With that being said, i have a small hope and belief, that Bernie could have made a better world. Maybe i´m still to dumb though.

Welcome to Steemit community Carey!

Thanks for revealing the phoney!
I have seen this video the first time you released it on Youtube! I still enjoy watching it!

Yea he did a lot of disappointing things but don't hate the player hate the game. Joining the Obama hate club doesn't really advance progressive goals, it kind of is a step in the wrong direction because it distracts from how bad things are now under the Trump administration.

3:05 My finger will forever be pointing at debt-based currencies.

Keep fighting Carey.

Thanks @careywedler. You , like me, are not lead by the Bi-partisan brainwashing we typically see among the Dems and Republicans in our country.

Shoot, after seeing that Obama video above... @everittdmickey will probably be back here LOL
signature_2 (1).gif

Such wise words. I hope more listen to you. Your spreading a grand message 💯🐒

OMG an xsupporter of Obama who dresses and acts like a bimbo.

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