Spring Vlogging - Rosanna Parklands(Dog Turd Park)

in philosophy •  3 months ago

Yo yo my Steemies, wattup?

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, each weekend, I'm going to visit a parkland, have a wander around, and show some clips of the surroundings, while I look for a nice spot to vlog from, and share some philosophical thoughts.

In this, my first episode, I visit the Rosanna Parklands.

Please enjoy.


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Great great

LOL @ dog turd park, they don't make everyone pick up their animal's mess after they finish? You can really see how badly you guys need rain.


People are supposed to pick up their dog turds, unfortunately though, many don't :(

howdy sir bobaphet! ha! dang dtube isn't working tonight on any one's videos, I came to catch up on your vlogs.. I did get that the park has alot of dog turds and the water level is low, were those the main points of the vlog? lol.


Yep, that about covered it LOL :)