Stress - A Self Preserving Energy, That Will Blind You To Solutions

in philosophy •  3 months ago

Yo yo my Steemies, wattup?


We've all experienced it, but what actually is it?

In this vlog, I discuss, based on recent events, how stress can take on a consciousness of its own, and like all entities, is self preserving.

What that means is that it wants to survive, and thrive, at your expense.

In order to do this, it will blind you to any opportunities, or solutions that may exist, that would threaten its existence.

I share my recent experience with you, in the hope that it may help anyone else, currently going through a stressful situation.


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I'm happy to hear that things worked out for you. I hope you have a smooth transition.

Take care.


Me too :)

Sometimes when you just accept a situation and follow the path you thought would be harder turns out to be a blessing. Nice find on the new accomodation glad your in a better place and hope to be seeing more videos from you now. All the bust my friend enjoy the new place.


Yes, The proverbial blessing in disguise :)

haha! stress sucks bobaphet! it does indeed have a life of it's own. boy you sure killed it when you found your new place, is the new place one that you have just yourself or do you have to have room mates like some college kid? lol.

yes sir, you thought it was disaster and it turned into your salvation! housing wise. so cool.