Do Nice Guys Finish Last? 🎳

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Why Is Rebellious Nature Seen As More Attractive?

I think this phrase occurred not because of relationships, but the general recommendation in how people are treated in society. A "nice" person may be taken advantage of by people who are amoral, or at least, bothered more often.

By being fair and approaching, they disclose information which can weaken their position, whereas others can lie and go further. This may be because of personal relationships, financial consideration, and even general social rules.

My Time At A Law Firm

Often doing the right thing irritates the institutional hierarchy that existed before you. For example, once I graduated from college, I was employed at a law firm as a legal secretary. I had the job for about two and a half months. It had been at a small, but fairly well-known law firm.

Part of my responsibility was to enter the hours that the partners worked, with the aim of billing the clients. They still used paper time cards. I found a range of discrepancies among the time cards and pointed this out. By "discrepancies" I mean "the partner was billing for time spent writing legal documents" while I knew for a fact that he was out playing golf with his partner.

Corruption Feeds Of Those Who Are Silent

In the business, we have a tendency to call this "stealing from clients." I, ignorantly, assumed that this was just a miscalculation. But, it had been no mistake. This man, who billed at $475.00/hr, charged a client for several hours of labour he never performed. He should have been fired.

I was enlightened to find out that I was "no longer needed." They replaced me with another person, who did not raise queries. It's my understanding that the partner's secretary is presently the one who enters everyone's time. She plays ball.

But, I say that to say this: I learned an important lesson that day. People in positions of power defend their ability to interact in corruption and dishonesty at the expense of those who would do the right thing. This is why nice guys often end up last. Doing the right thing is very expensive.

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Corruption is a major bane of developement.