Philosophy through Action.

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This drawing represents the balance between action and philosophy, because this balance is critical for both to function properly.

It is easy to be preachy with philosophy, to ramble on about how convicted we are about our beliefs, and then completely fail to act on those beliefs. I believe this is because it is much easier to talk about how virtuous or heroic we are, rather then to do it. This is useless, and I believe many who pontificate about their beliefs are either trying to justify their lack of action, or even worse affirm it. (To defend laziness is one thing, to commend it is another)

Action without belief (or we can say philosophy) is also useless, as what is the point of being industrious if you have no North Star to guide you? Maybe you can think of an answer, but I believe there is a need for balance, the beliefs give the action meaning, and the actions give the belief room to physically manifest itself.

So in conclusion, the image represents the balance between both worlds. The Philosopher teaches action, allowing both to reap the maximum benefit of balance and negate the negative action of being unbalanced.

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