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Good Vibes

Life’s greatest struggle is trying to figure out who we are.

Many people look everywhere to find out the answer. It seems like it is one of life’s great mysteries, but I’ve figured it out. Sometimes we express ourselves differently than we think about ourselves. Perhaps it is time to listen to that inner voice and to embrace it passionately.

It is easy to get lost in the search, just look within.

Seemingly, life is an easy place to lose sight of our personality construct. Most people define themselves by what is “cool” and what is seen on TV. Many of these people deep down will be unhappy, because they are expressing what others want them to be, not who they truly are, deep down inside. Digging deeper into yourself will allow you to see exactly who you are.

If you are a different person on the outside than on the inside, it’s time for a change.

Once you find what you’ve been looking for within, and you look at yourself on the outside, it might be noticed that there is a discrepancy between both characters. Who you are from within is the real you. The “you” that will create happiness in your life.

Accepting yourself and changing to your inner self may cause some hardships at first.

Certain friends, especially shallow ones will not like the change. A true friend will accept you no matter what, and will understand the expression genuinely.

Life will have meaning again.

Happiness will be discovered when you become the person you were meant to be. It will be like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. People will see the change and will be ready to accept you for who you are. Because we are who we were meant to be, and that’s all we were meant to be.

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Absolutely beautiful and very well said!


Thank you! glad you enjoyed.

That inner voice is well worth listening too. I like the way you have described it!


Thank you! Although sometimes it can be difficult for me to live by these words, I try my best.

Well said brother, I also feel that career totally impedes upon who the real self is. If you are one of the lucky ones that feel they love their job, that's great. For the rest of us, just having an average or normal job can be soul sucking.


Just remember, it is all about attitude, if the career lets us down, we can lift ourselves up by staying positive and being the shining light that makes our coworkers feel at least there is hope.