Spagyric Alchemy [Full Three Way Philosophical Extraction of Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper)]

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Three Way Philosophical Separation of Piper Nigrum

Purpose of medicament: To assist an imbalanced central nervous system in regaining homeostasis.

The Process: I began with the separation of the volatile Sulfur. I used 166g of dried herb which was macerated at room temperature in the dark for 24 hours in a menstruum of water. At which point it was transferred into a sand bath and heated to sweat out the volatile Sulfur.

After there was no more Sulfur entering the receiving flask I then added 20g yeast (Lalvin EC-118) && 680g local honey and corked the flask with a gas exchange airlock and began the fermentation, which took almost 2 full months to finally stop with all activity. When the peacock's tail was full, I strained the herb from the ferment, added a bit of distilled water to close off head-space and reduce oxygen contact disallowing for optimal conditions for acebacter[microbe which metabolizes ethyl-alcohol into acetic-acid (vinegar)], and corked off the ferment to be later rectified.

I dried the herb and prepped the herb for calcination. Here I burnt down the herb into blackened ash.

I then added extreme heat, under careful observance as not to fuse the constituents that I am seeking to rectify, until the herb would turn white no more.

I added enough distilled water to dissolve the ash completely and commenced with filtering until the received Livixium was thoroughly clear. This was added to a heat proof dish and gently heated from beneath to raise the Salt. This process was subsequently repeated twice more for a total of thrice calcined. There was still a slight streak in the top right corner but I jarred the Salt regardless though it could have used one further calcination.

Here I returned to the ferment and began the distillation of the tears of Diana. I went through two distillations, just, as a taste of the distillate upon finishing the 2nd distillation proved sufficient.

I am still working on this project. I have to yet evaporate the water from the original ferment and subsequently rectify the fixed Salt of Sulfur from the "honey." At which point I will do a complete reconstitution.

If these terms are confusing, I will be doing a brief introduction to the terms of Alchemy here in the coming days. In the meantime, please please PLEASE, ask questions! :D

PALPABLE POPE Ypyskypo Skwyrl, the Y'sas
High Priest, Temple of Appled Thought
Alchemist for Trades

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I am only seeing your post now and can only trow a cent at it :)
Intense work put into it and highly appreciated. You have won a follower.

I appreciate your support! It is very intense and very involved work! Each process is carried out under a state of trance and has a spiritual/pschological process which mimics the practical work. Those are not disclosed herein, though I mind not discussing them privately.

You mentioned this post so I came and read it. I am impressed. This is a well put together presentation.

I never gave the chemistry side of science as much respect and attention as it deserved. I wasn't particularly skilled at it. I could handle the math and such, but the siren that was calling for me was Physics which is where I focused most of my attention.

I can recognize passion when I see it. I certainly think you have it for this, and if I ever have specialty questions in the Alchemy / Chemistry field I definitely will likely think of you.

I do think as the population on steemit grows you'll have more dialogs with people with similar interests that might be able to contribute and challenge you more. This is true of a lot of specialties. I am encountering this with many of my interests as well.

I have marked you as someone to follow so you will be in my feed and IF I can give you any hopefully interesting dialog at some point then I will endeavor to do so.

Good work. :)

Thank you for your input and for your support, I appreciate your well thought out response.

Chemistry has always been deeply ingrained in my blood, heh - math always confused the heck out of me. It hasn't been until the past few years that I've been able to comprehend math much better. I attribute this to not being in the right mindset to be ready to learn and being part of a educational system that is rather constrictive (there were ~1500 students in my graduating class). Physics is incredible and is something that I've started to become more interested in with the growing love of knowledge, perhaps I will learn a thing or two from you in the future. :)

I have had the assumption that due to the very nature of this specialty that few will interact much, which is also why I made the introduction to terms of alchemy post. I am not letting the lack of interactions get me down or discourage me from posting (I am going on a 9 day vacation starting tonight though haha), I've just been looking for ways to bring forth more interactions. Your comment, and our past few interactions, has made me realize that all I need to do is keep doing what I'm doing.

Again, I really appreciate your support! :D Thank you!

Nicely done, although I am not sure what the final product
You have certainly piqued my curiosity, I'll be waiting for the layman's book!

The final product is a medicine that has gone through the full three way extraction process (Salt, Sulfur, Mercury principles) and then reconstituted to be used orally to assist with an imbalanced central nervous system.

Salt: mineral salts
Sulfur: Essential oil
Mercury [Diana's Tears]: Ethyl-alcohol

That is a simple explanation of what these three principles are attracted to within the Vegetable Kingdom.