"Lessons from kids #1: Crying persistence"

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__ Lesson From Kids.__

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Everything is changing in our world today, despite these changes there are certain things that can't change.

The world might change but the principles it works on does not, can not and will not change.
Yes I call them Principles not laws,because they are all encompassing.

Because laws are a sham, they are too hollow, No law can hold a man but sure principles can.

Kids principle

kids got a specific pattern for request, they wouldn't change their pattern of getting what they want.

Yes, as silly as it is. Crying still remains the most potent tool to get whatsoever a child desires


Though I am not encouraging Crying but let's look more closely at the act of crying, what does it Portray? how does a child cry, with what fervency?
A child Cries with all his or her strength until the desire is fulfilled, Crying itself is not good for the child,but our main concern is the duration and fervency at which a child cries, and with determination, though it's ain't fun but he has to. If he doesn't, he won't get a response.
The effect is that when someone does a thing with much determination, the possibility of failure is reduced with a large percentage.
The effect of fervency is that when someone does something fervently, efficiency with less effort is achieved,

for continual hitting of a spot would eventually create a mark.

The effect of putting more hours to a thing creates perfection and mastery.

if a man puts more than Ten thousand hours into an activity,he becomes a master


The crying here of a child, with persistence,determination,fervency and impunity represents the Principle of Burning Desires, You necessarily do not have to cry,for I am not implying the real sense of tears coming out of the eyes, But if you don't something all it takes, your desires will only remain desires and never come real.

Did you get it??

Let me put it in another way, Your desires will never manifest until You get Zealous about it. You've got to CRY to get it (Not in the literal Sense, Crying here means working with Zeal and Clarity).

You've got to Push for it, The world makes way for a man who knows where he's going, It's a Principle, It always works.

If a kid doesn't cry enough, He won't disturb Dad and Mom enough to get it, Likewise for you, There's a build up process, If you don't CRY enough you won't have it.

Are You CRYING already but it's still not enough?

Then You've got to CRY more.

Make Your desire Your madness,Your Obsession.


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