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A fascinating coincidence: Last night I was reading a book, "Now and Forever", by Ray Bradbury. It hit me that Bradbury addresses exactly the theme of your blog. What would it be like to live forever? Would there be change? Would there be boredom? The protagonist struggles with the idea of immortality--gift or burden?
This is not a great book , and only about 100 pages, but it is interesting because it complements your inquiry. If you ever get a chance, you might enjoy seeing how Bradbury explores this theme.


Oh, you are providing me with a book recommendation. Thank you! I hope I will keep in mind to get the book somewhere. For sure many people already struggled with this headache causing topic. I once read a science fiction novel about it. Unfortunately I forgot the title and author :(

I'm not sure I'm recommending it....not one of those books I'll remember in a year. Just interesting that I came across it as I read your blog.
I love Bradbury, but he wasn't at the top of his game in this one. Some of his others are gems.

Ah, I see. Yes, it may be some sort of synchronicity :)

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