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After I got over the headache all this thinking gave me, I returned to a theme you refer to: If we are all part of one, part of the universe, if our world is merely a piece of a larger existence, then immortality is already achieved. We just have to stop being so egocentric about it. We should maybe not be tied to the particular and instead consider the general. Then we are comfortable, because as long as there is life, we are a part of it. Of course, if life, everywhere and anywhere ceases to exist...
Oh dear, my headache is coming back :)


LOL!!!! :))

So it is, my friend! We are already there.
To think of supercomputers & stuff mainly starts from a highly individualistic point of view. If one mainly communicates through computers and thus a virtual space (his mind) then the need for such a network seems logical from this point of singleness.

When I ask myself to what degree my own life is already individualized I would say it's a six to seven out of ten. What about you?

I am provided with things necessary for my physical well being. Shelter and food. But as my need for culture and social nurturing is still a very significant part of my humanity I see the need for communal experiences within my local physical realm.

I recently got to know a woman from Syria during my consultant work in a women's centre. We talked a lot and got to know each other from two meetings. I already feel a very high connection to that woman. As different the culture is she stems from it nevertheless can be overcome. We felt so much united in our way to see ourselves as women and mothers. That was such a good experience. I know, meeting me means a lot to her. And vice versa.

Back to the topic: Sometimes it is necessary to think a theme through and through in order to become clear again. Even enduring the headaches:)

Thank you for joining me.

I think I've always been less connected to objects than to a sense of something bigger. When I was a student I was called an absent minded professor--I guess I was a bit dreamy. When I became a teacher, I accidentally threw away my first paycheck. I'm not sure what that was about--I guess a psychoanalyst would have a picnic with that one. So for me, going to realms you introduce in your blog is quite natural--even though the exercise gives me a headache, it feels familiar :)

HaHa! That gave me a good laugh! Throwing away your first pay check!! Yes, I would like to talk to a shrink about this very subject.

I can remember being accused to be a clumsy dreamer in my youth. But that changed dramatically during my puberty as I decided not being seen as dreamy any longer.

I assume you're more familiar to walk that realms. You've got more depth and eloquence, I would say.

I'm a mother. I've been a teacher, and worked at many other jobs. I can be a realist when necessary. As I can tell you are. But...I am grateful I have that other inclination. Makes life more rich, don't you think? It is very nice to connect with someone who shares many of my inclinations...

yes, that is true for me as well.
May I ask your age? I am 48.

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