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How to disrupt global economics

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I completely agree with everything in this post! I agree with the problem. Heck, I'm part of the problem. I also agree with the solution. However, once we get down to the actual details of how to implement the solution, I don't know how it would work. Why? Because people.

Of course, it seems simple:

Demand better for our world, put our money behind it and, they are forced to supply it.

Supply and demand. That's how the world works. Simple. Except how do you get everyone to demand better for our world and put their money behind it? One would argue that we don't need everyone, we just need enough. Okay, how much is enough (say, in percentage of the world's population) and how do we get enough to cooperate?

Force everyone to do the right thing? Nope. We'll lose our freedom and we'll all be slaves. Remove government and laws altogether and switch to a completely voluntary society? How would that work? We're already free enough as it is to voluntarily not buy shit.

An example of an economy that needs disrupting? Just look at Steemit:

It is no different to Steemit. I have said several times how this place is representative of the wold economic system and the behaviors within. The amount of shit content supported whether paid for or not is massive.

But, if we can't even do it here with a few hundred thousand...

Exactly. How about we all see first if we can fix Steemit?

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How about we all see first if we can fix Steemit?

Decentralized governance. The benefit of having a dictator is that you only need to convince one person of the change. Here, you have to convince many who are benefiting from harming many more.

That sounds like 1 point for dictatorship and 0 for decentralized governance.