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Well, everyone want to be a part of something greate, something wealthy and something beautiful. We leave a life trying to achieve this goals, but at what cost?

We grow caring of out close peoples. And we lose ability to understand them , communicate with them. The society draw us a borders which we cannot cross. The biggest problems lying in that borders. They cover most pure and most personal aspects of our lives.
And this is the biggest mistakes ever made. How you'll feel if someone rule you relations, you emotions. Yep that is ruled at this moments by societies. Why this segments of human population force us to leave with someone we didn't want. To do theyer will, and have theyer dreams.
Societies by philosophical , ethical laws are build by persons to match certain goals. What will happen if one persone decide to leave outside the borders? Wellcome outside of the MATRIX, those MATRIX that rule your existence. Those MATRIX you present as ten digits hashsum.

And there are one nature law: Every chain upon human mind have to be broken, by one person. That's how the HEROES will born.

That chains are brocken by the most elementary part of human beings called soul. Same part that created live in our bodies. Same part we comunicated with our feeling , our dreams.
Same part we use to create new lifes.
Same part that hurt when it find perfect match for itself. And when the soul is brocken it feels the most greatest pain ever felt.
And that pain is coded into the eternity.



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