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Once upon a time, in an urban city in the Philippines namely CEBU CITY, there grew a girl who's childhood dream was to be a teacher. But as that little cebuana girl grew up to be a teenager, she saw reality and she dreamed of being the best entrepreneur she could ever be in the future. By that means, she study hard in order to make her dreams come true. She was given a chance to study in one of Cebu's most prestigious schools, University of San Carlos. She also spend a lot of time viewing some spoken word poetry videos online in order for her to be inspired with her literary pieces. She loves to read books during her leisure time and she loves writing poems in response to the books or the lines in between pages that struck her the most. She loves to share her faith to others and she believes in humanity and equality. Now, she is currently on her last months with her junior highschool journey for she is already in the midst of finishing 10th grade. She is going to proceed in taking the ABM strand because she wants to proceed in Accountancy when she successfully reach college level. She got informed about this Steemit website because @shikika introduced her to this. Now, the SHE I am talking about is ME! :) Hello Everyone! I am Corrine Marie C. Flores and I hope to have a goodtime here in Steemit and i'm looking forward in meeting new people with the help of this website! Kudos! 00.jpg00.jpg

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Welcome to Steemit iday! 😀 You will receive a welcome gift soon! Please follow here to know more. 😀
Happy Steeming! 😀😀😀

So glad you are here now. I have been working to put a post together to help newbie from scratch and hopefully that post will be completed by today or tomorrow. Do have a wonderful stay on the platform.

welcome to steemit friend