Cat in A Train Station

in philippines •  3 months ago  (edited)


I saw a cat drinking in a bucket that was being used to catch the drops of water from the tubes as seen in the photo above. It is located in a PNR (Philippine National Railway) train station.

Not sure of the source of water, maybe it is from the airconditioning or problem water pipes. Good thing that the management there decided to save the water drops that way. Not that they can reuse that water like for flushing the toilet or cleaning purposes, they can also help the stray animals in the vicinity.

I had with me some smoked fish or what we called tinapa in Filipino that I bought for us and our cats that time. Since it is not strictly prohibited to eat and feed the animals in that waing area, I gave that cat in the photo some of it.

That is why there are usually cats in such PNR station cause some commuters are giving or sharing the food with them.

Photo was taken using my mobile phone last January 27, 2019.

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