Our community tank. 🐠🐟

in philippines •  last year 

Pet 🐠🐟

Companion animal is an animal kept primarily for a person's company, protection, or entertainment.

I would like you to meet my small community/fish tank. ☺️ I have here goldfish, fancy goldfish, angel fish and guppy. 😇✌🏻


As you can see, my background is a pink floral 🌸, I just made it from a piece of carton, cut it with the size that’s fits my tank and paste the wallpaper sticker. I also decorate it with some “beach rocks” and a “plastic tree” 🌲🌱


At first, only my husband is addicted with the fish, he just bought a small tank like 15 galons, changed it with 25 galons and later on he swapped it with two 75 galons. 😂🤣


In his 1st tank, he has here 20 pcs different kinds of small fishes. 🐠🐟 and in his 2nd tank, he has here the big two oscar fishes.

I can see that he do really loves taking care of them. ☺️

How about you? What’s your pet? ☺️😁

Camera: Iphone 7 Plus
Lens: Standard
Filter: Adjusted Lights


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