Reasons why im broke

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So I saw my friend do this. I got inspired by it. Find it in her blog. Her name is @kitkate .

I’m also going to go to see one of my favorite boy, which I would usually address as “one of my boyfriends” cause I just have way too many that I already lost count (HAHAHHAHAHA jk). He is Cole Sprouse. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of him already. He starred in the famous Disney show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody as Cody. He also starred on my favorite Netflix show, Riverdale as Jughead. He would be coming to Philippines to have a meet and greet and I just wish that I could really see him. His ticket costs ₽ 1500 and it’s a ride or die kind of situation. I just dont get what they are trying to make happen. Anyways, here are the reasons why I’m broke.

1. I eat way too much.

This has to be the number 1 reason why I’m broke. I buy too many junk foods and sometimes what I buy is not enough so I go out and buy more.

2. I went to meet my internet friends.

As you’ve probably known, I went out to hang out with my friends. I didn’t really buy that much when we went out buy you know, money is still money and once it's used then goodbye.

3. I went thrift shopping.

Whenever I go somewhere that I know is important, such as parties, I would buy new clothes but I just buy in thrift shops or “ukay ukay” cause i’m way too broke to afford new clothes from the mall.

4. I buy load.

Gosh dang it! We recently lost our wifi cause we would renew pur contract and guess what? I’ve already paid ₽200 just to buy load!


No more classes means no more baon or lunch money! It’s where I save money.

Yeah, pray for me cause im broke! Thanks for reading this long ass blog. I know most of y’all would relate. bye

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you already know why you are broke, then you know how to overcome it.

Don't worry, this is not long blog, It is just a tip o what surpassinggoogle made of, :-)


kaw nga jan mas mayaman. libre mo ko ukay