Daily Contest: Riddle Game #8 (1SBD/1Steem for grab)

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We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated and supported our contest. Through this contest, all earnings will go to our future community works. We were pleasantly surprise when a lot of people participated the contest. We couldn’t have done the contest without all your help!

We had “What kind of coat is always wet when you put it on?” as the previous riddle and I must say it's a good riddle question but still, have you noticed the RULES? For those first timers who are planning to join the contest, make sure you read it before you answer so you will have a bigger chance of winning 😁

I know you are all excited to scroll down and answer the riddle but we already informed you on the first part of the post. And we're so glad that those who participated on the previous riddle learned the real deal on how the contest works, good going! 😄

Now, if you participated the contest, are you resting your case of scrolling down and not reading the rules? Or are you confident in writing your comment because you read the rules? 😂😂

Let me announce the WINNERs for Daily Contest:Riddle Game #7 (1SBD/1Steem for grab) and go to the contest after.


"Ta-Coat-Sa or should I say takusa eto un mga lalaking isang sipol lang ni misis pinagpapawisan na kaya wet na wet :😜 :-)"

"COATex (ung linalagay sa nails) ok waley hahahahahhahaha"

"COATsara kasi pag sinubo mo magiging wet xa! As in wetty... Hahaha."

"Kuyu-COAT. Haha. Lalo na pag mainit ang panahon at sinuot mo yan. Sure ako pawisan yan. Hahahaha. So wet."

" "raincoat" kasi umoulan. Alangan naman isuot mo siya pag mainit. Hahahaha"

"Malung-COAT na kanta na tuwing naririnig ko naaalala kita at WET na WET nanamn ang aking mata. Lahat ng malung-Coat na bagay na iniwan mong habang buhas kong suot. Haha char lang di ako emo 😂"

We are giving 0.500 to @roselle because of her funny and witty answer and 0.100 for for the rest of the winners.



Daily Contest: Riddle Game #8 (1SBD/1Steem for grab)

1SBD/1STEEM for the winner.
if 2 or more winners, we will split the prize, so it will be fair to all the contestants.

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Answers: English Only!
One (1) comment per contestant only.
We will choose the Best Joke Answer.

Announcement of The Winner(s)
The winner of the said contest today will be revealed the following day together with the new riddle.

“What's the most romantic part about the ocean?”

Goodluck to all of the participants!
We are now accepting donations! The donations will be added to the prize pool. You will get a special mention in the contest. Just send SBD/Steem to @sfp-ilocosnorte with "Donation to Daily Contest: Riddle Game" on the memo.


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“What's the most romantic part about the ocean?”

WAVE! - I will never “wave” up on you! 🙄😂🤔

My answer would be Shore, because i will "shore"-ly wait for you and i will love you till the end 🤗😍


Mommy shark “dodo dodo” Daddy shark... 🍼
Daddy shark “dodo dodo” Mommy shark... 🍼

The most romantic in the ocean is a "PEARL" because a pearl is precious as will as you are precious in my life....

It's Shore...

Coz the time she kissed me in the shore, im "shore" she's the one... hahaha

do you just give out to random i was the first person to get the right awsner last time never got anything

Hi @jordan1219444 , thanks for joining our contest! But about your question, Did you read the rules on the last contest? I'm sure you didn't 😉

i thought i did you pick the right awsner and some funny ones

When the buoy meets the gull

I love everything about you. My heart bounces a million times especially when I SEA you. 💕😍😊

The wave. Because “I wave you”. ❤️

"What's the most romantic part about the ocean?

It's ALON, kasi kahit ipagsiksikan mo pa ang sarili mo sa taong mahal mo..kung ayaw na talaga, naiiwan ka nalang na mag-isa , single at ALONe.!!! Hahaha hugot waley!

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

the beach and the wave.!
because when they meet again, the beach says
"Hi wave .! Long tide, no sea .! 😊

"oceans of emotions surrounded by expenses" it's okay for me to spend money to your special someone because it is a good investment in your whole life.

🎶 ocean deep, I'm so afraid to show my feelings I have sailed a million ceilings solitary room ocean deep. "DEEP" the deep part of the ocean made it romantic why? because that was written in the song! Ooopps! Stop laughing! 😂 okay, seriously it's"DEEP" because you can make sisid deep down on it.. And while swimming the deepest part you'll measure how DEEP it is and how LONG is yours! awe, yay! How long you can stay there.. 😂
🎶 Uuuhhh! sisiriiiiiiiiiinnnn.. Nyahahaha paktay na! Pak!

Kahit ilang SAND-ali ang ating igugol sa isa't isa ay lagi akong nandirito upang iyong maging SAND-alan.
SAND-amakmak na pag-ibig ang ating SAND-igan.

Hahahaha. Okay sana kaso di ka nagbasa ng rules bes.

Awts. Haha. Naduling ata ako. Next time ate. Sareeehhh. Haha.

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The most romantic part of the ocean is when an ocean talked to another ocean.

At first they waved to each other, then the first ocean asked, "Did you sea what I did there?" The second ocean replied, "I'm shore you did." Then the first ocean said, "Do you have friends?" and the second ocean replied,"Dont be such a beach." 😂

Hahaha i hope you liked my entry😂
best regards,

Maybe the most romantic part of the ocean are the OCTOPUS because they have 3 hearts, maybe just maybe if they have three heart they’ll love 3 special octopus in their life and incase one broke the octopus heart he will have another extra 2 heart. The more the heart the more chances of falling inlove and the more chances of broken heart hahahaha I wish I could be an octopus Because I love the ocean and I could now love my 3 crushes I can have 3 boyfriends or girlfriend haha !

Push mo Feb! HAHAHAHA

Ahahaha.. Hanep ang octopus na yan!

For me, the most romantic part of the ocean is the “deep blue sea”, it can go like this:

Boy whale: Deep blue sea that?
Girl whale: What?
Boy whale: My splashing love for you.
Girl whale: I deep not blue sea that coming. :>

#Cornetto HAHAHA!

The shell is the most romantic about the ocean:


Ma shell-ap mag-aruga,
Ma shell-ap magluto,
Ma shell-ap magtimpla ng kape,
Ma shell-ap magmasahe,
Ma shell-ap halikan,
Ma shell-ap magmahal.😂😂😂

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Ayyy sorry po... english only please pala, haha...😂😂😂

The most romantic part of the oceans is
"handa akong tawirin ang dagat mapaling-CORAL lamang kita"🤣🤣🤣

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Answers: English Only!
One (1) comment per contestant only.
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