MANILA ETHEREUM / Blockchain and the Law Series - Part 2: Smart Contracts as Legal Contracts

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For the second part of Blockchain and the Law series, a lecture will be presented on the legal aspects of smart contracts, their enforceability in law, and the technology's potential to automate contract execution, significantly reduce counterparty risk, and discourage disputes.

ABSTRACT: The validity and enforceability of a smart contract must be assessed in each case relative to the specific facts, circumstances and legal context. But a smart contract should not be considered void or unenforceable solely on the ground that it is in electronic form (i.e., code), as long as the substantive conditions required by law to effectuate an agreement are met.

RSVP on this link if you’re interested to attend this event:…/events/254411820/

Thank you very much to our sponsors:

  • Cerebro Labs

The Blockchain and the Law Series will differ significantly from our usual meetup format. The focus of the event will be to educate our community on the legal aspects of blockchains. Unless you are very interested on this special area and will actively participate in the conversations, or if you are easily bored by academic presentations, we advise you to exercise discretion, and stay tuned for upcoming meetup announcements.

Our community is rapidly growing. We need more volunteers and considerable resource to arrange for our meetups. If you wish to help, sponsor or contribute to this event, please contact our organizers ([email protected]).

This is a free event. No need to seek permission if you wish to attend although we need you to RSVP.

Our open forum welcomes discussion of other topics not necessarily relevant to the announced theme. However, please allow the organizers opportunity to moderate the discussions.

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