Wild Flowers anyone?

Who doesn't likes flowers?

Well, if not maybe you had an alllergy on flowers, but how can anyone resist this beautiful creation of God.


Here in the Philippines, there are lots of different kinds of flowers and some of it are now endemic and very rare in the Philippines like Rafflesia.

But luckily there are some flowers that bloom at the side of our house yard. I don't know exactly what kind of flower is this but it was lovely and it multiplies it's roots to produce another one. Here are some pictures that i took.

Before it blooms


They say that this kind of flower is like grass, they can easily dry and died on summer and then it grows again when rainy days.

A closer look when it blooms


Lovely baby pink, so mesmerizing....


There is another one, a tiny yellow flower. So over all i have here a two wild flower that made our yard looks so good!


How about you? Do you have any flowers that suddenly bloom on your yard? Share your photos!

Note: Of you know what kind of flower is this, you can leave me a comment so i can know what kind od flower is this. TIA!


Those are really beautiful flowers. I'm not sure, but are these the ones being used in making bouquets?

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Well, not so sure but it looks like that one right? If this kind of flower can really last for days when i cut it maybe this is the kind of flower that they used on bouquets! 😊

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