Yes naked Island, and just like its name suggests, there is nothing on this island but sand, its bare and naked. Although i am told some people.have taken the litetal meaning of it and went bare on the island. If you find your self alone with your mates on this island and all of you have the same type of mental illness then i guess getting naked is not a bad idea at all.

We were less than 10 people by the time we got to this Island and we went ballistic with photos. There was no greater feeling at the moment.

And coupled with the crystal clear water a swim was inevitable.


Best thing was that the weather was coorporating, so there was just enough sun to play by the beach.

What do you say when full adult women behave like children in a bare island? I guess we are all 12 at heart, because we let loose and played with sand and jollied , and at that moment, we had no care in the world, just for that moment.


This island trip was part of our island hopping tour package from General Luna port in siargao, to Daku island, naked island and Guyam island.
The baked island is the only one that is completely bare.

I think this Island would make great shots for a honeymoon shoot or even a prenatal shoot.
I wonder how possible it is to do a wedding on a bare island. Must be alot of work thoughas you will have to bring into the island everything.
Aahh, but a girl can just dream, right? I have already imagined my wedding will be one in nature like we were in this island.
It was a well spent few hours, and eventually , we got tired and hungry, we had to head back to The other island for lunch.

We tried to Do and look like the Instagram models.. How did we do?

BpoIf you are visiting Siargao for the sole purpose of surfing, i thinki it will not be a bad idea to take side trips and enjoy the beauty it has to offer.
Siargao Island isa paradiso


The message is a good one of course and it shows how naked it really is.
I love beautiful women

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