Draw it with feelings!

in #philippines6 years ago (edited)

"Draw what you see not draw what you think you see."

Tonal value from lightest tone to the darkest tone to make 2D or two dimensional drawing in 3D if you darken the space the lighter tones will look floating and more realistic.

Practice makes your brain familiar and it will visualize and understand more the field of drawing you choose like portait, landscape and many more kinds of fine arts so that's why technically practice more perfect.

Drawing start always with the BASIC lines and shapes master the BASIC and you will express yourself more in drawing.

I draw a vase because that is sentimental to me because my mother always want that vase to be safe so I decided to draw and picture it to preserve the memories within.

Comment here what kind of drawing you like and remember before you can sing you must know your Do re mi and before you can read you must know your ABC so before you can do fine arts you must know the basic lines and shapes.

Thank you so much!



I like it @poorsage0725, I wonder how you started drawing po?

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