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Let's get this straight. I promise that I will neither insult you, demean your humanity nor belittle whatever God-given talent you may or may not have. I have absolutely no problem respecting whatever gender in the Universe you want to act like even if the fact remains that unless you are one of those very rare persons who were born with both or have undergone surgery, you certainly have the one you were born with.

I will gladly accept your reality if you will be kind enough to accept mine. Is that fair enough?

So what is the issue here? Please don't give me that libtard Western bullshit that this is about YOUR human rights because it is also just as much ours as well. I don't give a rat's ass about what some stupid American millennials think they are entitled to because WE ARE NOT AMERICANS. Let us simply discuss the matter logically in the hope that we may all get enlightened including Senator Hontivirus and the other confused politicians.

The fact is that toilets were not meant to discriminate against sexual ORIENTATION but rather were simply made to deal with anatomy in order to assure the SAFETY, CONVENIENCE and the PEACE OF MIND of those BORN WITH VAGINAS. Anyone who may think otherwise is simply CONFUSED by stupid Western libtard propaganda.

Sexual orientation/
preference and gender identity is as old as sex itself. There are many cultures that actually do not discriminate in that regard for uncounted ages, agree?

So can anyone kindly tell me when in history the first LGBT+ toilet was ever built? Is it not a historical fact that even those cultures that did not discriminate against the LGBT+ have still only had TWO toilets ever? One for those born with penises and one for those with vaginas. Otherwise, we would have had LGBT toilets A LONG TIME AGO, wouldn't we?

There are at least two very good and very logical reasons for this, otherwise, instead of having separate toilets we would have communal public ones.

The first has to do with anatomy and hygiene. The fact is that those with penises find it easier and more convenient to pee standing up, especially those with the longer instruments which tend to hit bottom when they sit on the throne. That is why the men's toilets have urinals. Of course men's toilets also have cubicles to crap in BUT the big problem is that even men are not very comfy with the idea of sitting on them because men tend to also use them to pee and almost always leave piss on the toilet seat such that even if it looks sparkling clean, you have to wonder if it was really washed clean or simply wiped dry with the residue of an unknown number of men, some of whom would be bound to have a disease of some sort.

The fact is that any man would be happy to be allowed to crap in a ladies toilet if he would be allowed to, if only for this reason.

Now if gays and transwomen were to use the ladies room, is it certain that they will not be leaving behind their residue on the toilet seat?

To put it another way, perhaps we can just take a vote. Perhaps we can allow gays to use the ladies room if lesbians agree to use the men's room just to "respect" the gender they identify with. I doubt if they would agree.

The second reason has to do with PEACE OF MIND & PERSONAL SAFETY of those for whom the ladies toilets were specifically made for. Those born with vaginas rather than pricks. How exactly are women supposed to know that you are REALLY a transwoman?

Just because you dress and act like one? So anyone who acts gay can just waltz into a ladies toilet and do their thing regardless of how all the REAL females might feel?

How about those traumatized by rape? What if there was just the two of you? Is it really fair for them to be worrying about if you were REALLY a transwoman or simply a pervert who dressed like one precisely to be able to fulfill whatever voyeuristic or violent sexual fantasies they had, instead of being able to take a piss in peace? E baka umurong ang tae nila! And ALL the women going to any toilet would constantly have to worry about this so that YOU can happily PRETEND to be one of them?

My respect for your fantasy must unfortunately end when your DISRESPECT for other people's reality begins.

Would it even kill you or pose any risk to your chastity and well-being to use the toilet for your instrument? While women have been assaulted by men pretending to be gays, there have as yet been no recent reports of gays being violently assaulted in men's rooms although consensual sex is not unheard of. In any case, it is really mostly the gays who are the only ones complaining. I haven't heard a peep from the lesbians. Does that tell you something?

So is there a compromise somewhere we can find other than legislating a third comfort room in every public place for the benefit of people who adamantly deny that regardless of how they feel, there is still something hanging between their legs?

Well certainly. We could simply ask the PWDs to share their toilets for them. But then again, this would raise a howl of protests claiming discrimination but would it really be? Would you not then be giving a negative connotation to being a PWD? PWD-phobic?

But are PWD toilets even made to discriminate and insult them? As a matter of fact, they are society's acknowledgement of the REALITY of their special needs, thus the effort made to meet them.

So if the LBGT who are actually neither disabled nor in really great numbers insist that they have special needs, then I'm sure most people would be fine with allowing them to share the PWD toilets in order to give everyone peace of mind without necessarily exerting so much effort and expense that could really be used for more REAL, rather than PERCEIVED or ATTITUDINAL concerns.

You know, the poor students who could have classrooms built for them or the disaster victims who could be given housing would certainly thank you. After all, it is not like you would even go hungry or suffer physical distress.

The reality is that you are distressed or confused simply because you CHOOSE to be and REVEL and DELIGHT in CONFUSING YOURSELF. And that is fine with me and most others. But please don't CONFUSE US or OBLIGE US TO GO THE EXTRA MILE for your confusion. Let's just focus on those who will PHYSICALLY SUFFER in REAL MISERY first,

We are not yet a first world country. This is a democracy. Do not demonize the majority because of your fantasies, no matter how real they may seem to you. If it's that important to you, you are welcome to go to the US and stay there.

We have better things to do.

Let's just cut the crap and deal with it, OK? Is that clear enough?

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