Poetry: Soar High SBD and STEEM

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Soar High SBD and STEEM

The time has come for you to soar
Too long have you been in slumber
Slowly and slowly climb the ladder
To become cryptocurrencies leader

Show us again your prowess
As what you did this day so bullish
Continue the trend up and beyond
For in you our joy was found

SteemDollar it's time to shine back again
Your lost worth you have to reagain
We put our trust and confidence in you
That sooner or later will be repaid when due

STEEM it is time for you to redeem
the lost value we had never dreamed
Powering up in Steemit we need you
Our upvote without you is of no value

Soar High SBD and STEEM

Your Lovely Accountant Steemian Poet


Hahaha ug SA dihang nahulog na pud. But no worries we just learn and find out how to become rich in steemit hehehe. Need to share to everyone so be there sa 15 hahaha.

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