The Rich and Conservative Culture of Meranao (Maranao)

in philippines •  6 months ago

The Philippines has a diverse and remarkable cultures. Thru this, it may draw a line in every community but it will not separate us of becoming a one Filipino. We may be known by different and wonderful tourist spots, we also have colorful and meaningful cultures to be shared of.

Fortunately, I got the chance to be astonished of one of distinct culture we have here in the Philippines. The University of Mindanao has been so keen to preserve and showcase their own culture.

I took some pictures from the exhibit of University of Mindanao to contribute of spreading their rich,
conservative and treasured culture.

Hope your eyes will enjoy these amazing photos. And if you have the chance to visit our country, it is also worthy to be amazed by our impeccable cultures.

Thank you for dropping by!
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